Thursday, September 22, 2005


Where's the Beef?

When people ask me why I chose Cardozo over the other law schools to which I was accepted, often I give p.c. answers that point to its great intellectual property program, solid reputation in New York or outstanding faculty. But the truth is: I picked it for the food. Kosher food. More precisely, free kosher food.

Let me explain: because Cardozo is a Yeshiva University-affiliated school, all food sold on campus must be kosher. That's all well and good. But this is New York City, so acquiring kosher food isn't exactly a major challenge. No, what's special about Cardozo is the amazing amount of free food that can be yours, if you put your mind to it.

The first couple weeks of school saw a veritable glut of free offerings. First there were the welcome lunches. Then Student Services sponsored a bunch of gatherings for us 1L's. And the various student clubs all attempt to woo students with ... free food.

Once the initial frenzy subsided, sniffing out gratis grub became more of a challenge. I quickly learned that the substantial number of afternoon public lectures hosted by the school are accompanied by "informal receptions". These have featured everything from fruit platters (boring) to kebabs, franks-in-blanks, and crumbed mushrooms (awesome). Then there are faculty presentations, alumni events (to which all students are generally invited) and distinguished scholar panel discussions, all followed by culinary accoutrements. The trick is to gain access to the tucker without actually having to sit through the talks, riveting as I'm sure they are .

I figure that with all the money I'm sinking in to this joint, the least they can do is feed me.


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